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Industrielaan 11b, 9990
Maldegem (España)

Walcome at Adifo, your specialized software partner for the feed industry.

Want to save on raw material costs?
Feed mills all around the globe rely on BESTMIX® Feed Formulation software. Why? Because with BESTMIX®, they secure their market position and decrease their raw material costs, in spite of fluctuating raw materials markets.
Check out Find out who uses BESTMIX® and how you too can maximize your profits. Immediately decrease your raw materials costs by up to 2%!
Increase your business efficiency, secure your data and guarantee your product quality.
BESTMIX® has been used by the feed and premix industry for more than 30 years. This least-cost feed formulation software is constantly updated to today’s market demands, in close co-operation with key users, research centers and branch organizations. This windows-based package is easy to use and offers elaborate possibilities to make your life easier. Real time feed formulation has now been made possible by the BESTMIX cloud version. Read all about BESTMIX formulation as a Service at

Get much more out of your ERP
Price calculations and delivery schedules are enormous challenges in a dynamic business like yours. Volatile feedstock prices, varying ingredients, just in time delivery and the risk of claims are just some of the obstacles you encounter. Standard ERP solutions are ill-equipped for this, and their providers lack the essential know-how.
MILAS®-AX is well-equipped to take on those challenges. This dedicated ERP system, designed specifically for feed industry, helps you make those vital purchasing decisions. It uses recipe-based product definitions that can handle variable ingredient qualities. It integrates weighbridges, process control systems, bulk loads, scanning devices and recipe management. MILAS®-AX is designed and implemented by specialists that are firmly rooted in your sector and speak your language. MILAS®-AX is built on Microsoft Dynamics AX and is delivered as a complete ERP system.

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Industrielaan 11b, 9990
Maldegem (España)

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Latitud: 51.1998576 - Longitude: 3.4637456

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BESTMIX® profit-driven feed formulation Optimize your feed formulation -Optimal feed formulation -Least-cost optimisation -Product specifications management -Label management -Product development tool -Balanced ration calculations Want the least cost feed form ...

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