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Anitox House, 80 Main Road, NN6 0HJ
Earls Barton (REINO UNIDO)

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Maximizing your feed investment through Pathogen Control
Optimizing efficiency and mold control for Feed Milling
Increasing yield in Biofuel production

Anitox – Solutions for Safer Feed and Food A World Leader in Pathogen Elimination Technology Anitox is an international corporation offering pathogen elimination, mould control and milling efficiency programmes for the feed milling and primary meat, egg and fish production industries. A pioneer in antimicrobial and mould control technology, through our extensive Research and Development emphasis, our new product development is on the leading edge of technology.
Manufacturing and distribution facilities are strategically located across the world. Anitox offers an international network dedicated to providing top quality programmes supported by talented Technical Service, Distribution, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Laboratory Technician and Customer Support Representatives.
Having been acquired by the Riverside Company, Anitox is well positioned to expand its leadership capabilities and thus ensure that optimal solutions are delivered to our customers.

Anitox – Food Safer … from the start!

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Anitox House, 80 Main Road, NN6 0HJ
Earls Barton (REINO UNIDO)

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Latitud: 52.2742489 - Longitude: -0.7571753


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Performance protection starts here.
Feed is your largest investment. Safeguard it with Termin-8

Termin-8 offers the highest level of pathogen control in feed and has a residual effect, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for three weeks po ...

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Reduction of bacteria leads to a cleaner fermentation OptimOH improves alcohol yield by treating and reducing a broad range of bacteria typically found in alcohol fermentations and processes.

Liquid Processing Aid

Effective against all strains of ferment ...

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Three-in-one milling efficiency Milling Processing Aid

By improving the overall efficiency of the milling and pelleting process, the Maxi-Mil product portfolio brings benefits to all points of the feed chain – from producers to users.

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Poultry Performance Through Better Milling

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