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We create chemistry
In 2050, more than nine billion people will live on our planet. The world population and its demands will keep growing, while the planet’s resources are finite. If nothing changes, we will need the resources of almost three of our planets to meet the demands of the population – one of them being an increasing appetite for meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.
Simply producing more and more will not work. Therefore we need to produce more from less with efficient feed solutions for respectful growth.

Today, we might not have all the answers to the questions the future confronts us with. But we will get there together with our customers.
By offering vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids, clays and omega-6’s, we can help to nourish more animals with less feed. Innovative products like Natugrain® TS, modern technologies like white biotechnology and our leading concept SET – applied sustainability™ add to the symbiosis of cost-efficiency and sustain ability.

Feed producers, farmers, animals and consumers – all can benefit from our research committed to feeding the world’s growing population.

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Li554, 67117

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Poultry feed aditives



BASF’s feed additives help poultry, such as laying hens and broilers, to make better use of the energy in their feed. The enzyme Natugrain® TS, for example, makes wheat and barley easier to digest. We also provide Lucantin®, which gives eggs their appealing ye ...

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