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10 Avenue Ampère, 78180

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The Coriolis Technology is based on an innovative and patented principle. The principle is quite simple but the physical validation very complex: transfer the airborne particles into a liquid sample. This liquid sample output allows thus to overcome the traditional methods limits and especially Coriolis technology differentiates from impaction by 3 main parameters:

  • High air flow rate to collect efficiently even very low diameter particles such as viruses – 300 l/min

  • Long time collection to monitor an area for several hours, a whole batch of production… – up to 6 hours

  • Compatibility with any analysis method :

    • To access to information beyond cultivable flora / VNC (Viable non Cultivable) – non “culture based” methods compatibility: PCR, immuno-analysis, cytometry, ATP bioluminescence…

    •  To get results in only few hours instead of several days linked to the unavoidable incubation step with impaction method.

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10 Avenue Ampère, 78180

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Latitud: 48.7974059 - Longitude: 2.045781

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