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Via L. Einaudi, 12. Zona Industriale Bettolino, 25030
Brandico (BS) (ITALIA)

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Eurofeed Technologies S.p.A. is an Italian Company that produces and trades feed additives all over the world.
We’re GMP+ Certified.
Mission Statement Company’s goal is production and trading of feed additives of excellent quality with reliable and competitive price-tag for feed industry.
Eurofeed Technologies philosophy is a reliable products range and Staff which consider cooperation with end users an essential requisite for Company growth.
Eurofeed Technologies is very flexible in production, it’s possible producing special products for different kind of market and customers.
Eurofeed Technologies’ portfolio includes the following additives: technological additives(antioxidants-preservatives), nutritional additives(Chelpro Line), Oragnoleptic Additives(Aromas-Erbaroma Line).

Dirección y situación

Via L. Einaudi, 12. Zona Industriale Bettolino, 25030
Brandico (BS) (ITALIA)

Coordenadas GPS:
Latitud: 45.4649015 - Longitude: 10.0341412


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