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Mangaanstraat 9, 6031

Complete solutions for every company
The right volume of air, at the right speed, at the right place for your livestock. Regardless of housing type, outside climate or housing system. This is the secret of a healthy climate. Stienen is developing a complete range of housing computers, air-control units, fans, alarm systems and management software so that we can offer the right solution to our clients anywhere in the world.

Advice, thinking together and the client central
Our clients are critical entrepreneurs. Constantly working on reducing costs and increasing the health and productivity of their livestock. We are working on this every day together with you. We listen, develop and give advice based on our knowledge and experience. Our objective is the same as yours – to achieve an optimum return. This is in our and your interest!

Simplicity and user-friendliness as the basis for your company
Our systems are easy to use and to understand. The fact that complex technology is behind this is our concern. For this reason we invest in our own R&D department, complete technical knowledge, experience and contacts in the agricultural world. This is how we continuously fulfil the changing requirements of the market.

The kind of service we would want ourselves
There is a lot of talk about service but not by us. We prefer to treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. With detailed instructions when our equipment is delivered, our 24-hour service and with our repair department that always carries out repairs at a reasonable rate.

The importance of a good dealer close to you
It is very important to have good dealers close to you. They give advice, install equipment and provide service. For this reason we set high requirements. With regard to their knowledge, expertise, service and reliability. Our dealers can, of course, also count on us. On our product information, training, courses and support.

The quality of our company as a family business
Stienen BE was set up in 1977 based on intensive livestock husbandry. We feel involved in this, we have developed our expertise and made our investments. This sector is therefore just as important for us as it is for you. For this reason we believe in the importance of our reliability, technical advancement and long-term investments. We believe in the future of our company as a family business.

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Mangaanstraat 9, 6031

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Latitud: 51.2778199 - Longitude: 5.7475571

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Air inlet with constant and independent air throw

Stienen BE has developed the AeroWing to optimise the distribution of the air throughout your poultry house under all conditions. The AeroWing ensures a constant air movement, keeping your animals he ...

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