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10 Rue des Prés Mêlés, 35230
Saint-Erblon (FRANCIA)

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Conceived by poultry farmers, designed by engineers
In 2015, Laetitia and Benoît called on Cimtech, a mechatronics engineering consulting firm located near Rennes (35), to assess the feasibility of a poultry-farming robot that could bring greater comfort and profitability to their daily work.
TIBOT technologies was born in May 2016: its goal is to develop solutions that make poultry farming easier.


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10 Rue des Prés Mêlés, 35230
Saint-Erblon (FRANCIA)

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TIBOT technology is born from on-the-ground experience
Like many poultry farmers, Laetitia and Benoît Savary, who raised breeder hens in Mayenne, faced a recurring problem: floor eggs. This accounted for thousands of euros in turnover losses, not to mention the human-resources cost of moving the flock around and picking up the floor eggs, nor the frequent health problems this work entails!

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The first autonomous poultry-farming robot
Spoutnic is easy to use, requires no installation or specific configuration. Its all-terrain feature and compact size allow it to move under feed mechanisms and work on uneven litter.
The battery is recharged using ...

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