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Sadowa 4, 11/03/2016

BioPoint Company was founded in 2002 by a practicing veterinarian - Michal Jankowski. Its market position has been gradually built through the years, mainly through cooperation with specialists of animal diseases and scientific research centres.
Knowledge and experience accumulated over years of working with veterinarians constitutes in large part company's success. We focus on ensuring appropriate use of preparations to obtain the desired therapeutic effect. Thanks to the feedback and suggestions of practicing vets, each year we launch new products to meet their demand for innovative and efficient preparations.
Thanks to that, we are proud to be a leading supplier of highly concentrated feed additives for poultry and pigs. We offer specialist preparations, vitamins and minerals as well as acidifying preparations that are extremely useful in the treatment of most of today's farming problems.
Company’s quality innovative solutions are appreciated outside the country too. Our products are successfully sold in more than a dozen countries around the world.
Our experience and reports from the scientific world increasingly convince us of the growing possibilities of therapy with substances obtained from natural sources. We observe an increasing demand in the market for solutions replacing antibiotic treatments too.
These preparations, as delivered by BioPoint, when applied in the production of meat for human consumption, significantly reduce the use of chemical-based solutions and antibiotics and make the food safer to the final consumer.
The highest business standards as performed by BioPoint as well as our involvement in continuous development are confirmed in received certificates: ISO 9001:2009 and Reliable Company. Since 2009 we also participate in competitions Fair Play - we won prizes at both editions completed so far! (Fair Play Enterprise 2009 and Fair Play Enterprise 2010).

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Sadowa 4, 11/03/2016

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