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La Mésangère, 49510
La Poitevinière

Ducklings hatchery
A specialist in one-day-old ducklings, BREHERET's ducklings hatchery has offered its customers a pragmatic approach to the needs and realities of the meat duck and fattened duck industries for over four decades.
Through a comprehensive approach encompassing everything from genetics to delivery, we develop solutions and services every day in an effort to win and maintain your trust.

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La Mésangère, 49510
La Poitevinière

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Latitud: 47.214179 - Longitude: -0.912172

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Muscovy ducks
The males ducks, reared for around twelve weeks, reach a live weight of between 4.2 kg and 4.9 kg, depending on their lineage. 
In general, they are cut up for sale as fillets, thighs, manchon de canard, etc. 
The females ducks, which are rear ...

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