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Chick Master UK Limited

1 The Leggar, Bridgwater, TA6 4
Somerset (REINO UNIDO)

Chick Master was founded in 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio. The company was a leader in development of mammoth incubators (for large capacity). Its sales grew all over the world through the efforts of its international sales distributor, E. Holzer Incorporated, owned by Erich Holzer. In 1974, Mr. Holzer purchased Chick Master and in 1976 moved it to its present factory in Medina, Ohio. The company grew in volume and in geography with strong sales of its Classic incubation systems worldwide. Under its second generation of management, Robert Holzer led to the purchase of Buckeye Incubator Company based in England and La Nationale in France.
The unified company expanded its product lines in both multi and single stage incubators. 
In 2001, Chick Master acquired the rights to manufacture Cumberland incubators that later resulted in the establishment of the Smith line of systems.
Recognizing the market demand for a better single stage system, Chick Master introduced the Avida setter in 2004 as its next generation of all-in all-out systems. The Avida has been unique in its single trolley design on each side of the fan and a turning system placed outside the machine for easy maintenance. The Avida system has proven itself worldwide as the best producing incubator available.
By 2006, Chick Master developed the Heat Recovery concept for hatcheries using primary recovery from the hot water leaving the setters and hatchers.  In 2007, Chick Master was honored to supply the incubation equipment and complete ventilation and energy management package for the largest hatchery in Europe. By 2008, these energy management systems were running in hatcheries in Europe, Canada, and the USA.
Chick Master continues to innovate and develop new features for its incubation systems and energy savings products for hatcheries to reduce operating costs. These include leading-edge software for systems’ controls, egg-trays for better automation and more efficient transport, mercury free controls that are more environmental safe, ultrasonic humidification for improved moisture control, and many more.

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1 The Leggar, Bridgwater, TA6 4
Somerset (REINO UNIDO)

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Latitud: 51.1328793 - Longitude: -2.9970158

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Incubadoras de gran capacidad


Un sistema de control climático inteligente. Una localización central exterior. Múltiples beneficios.
Más que un sistema HVAC. Es una inversión inteligente que da tranquilidad.

Sistema de Control Climático Completo
• Sistema de ventilación diseñado para co ...

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Avida Series

Incubadoras de gran capacidad


Incubadoras 'Avida' de Una Sola Etapa
El Sistema de Control de CO2 favorece el nacimiento y la calidad del pollo lo cual aumenta la rentabilidad de la operación.
El diseño resistente a bacterias que usa componentes recomendados por la industria de alimentici ...

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