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Via Affarosa, 4, 42010
Rio Saliceto (RE) (España)

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TRE I Spa (Industria Italiana Integratori), a leading player in the animal health and nutrition industry, was founded in 1968 by dott. Luigi Fezzi and now belong to BS, one of Italy’s leading private equity firms since 2004.

The company’s administrative headquarters, its 16.000 sqm of production facilities and warehouses, more than 10.000 of which indoors, are at Rio Saliceto in the province of Reggio nell’Emilia.

TRE I’s constant attention to the innovative ideas which have been the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy since its foundation means that it is now a leading player in the veterinary industries in Italy and the other countries where it also operates.
The company has always used cutting-edge production technologies in strict compliance with rigid GPP (Good Production Practice) requirements and its facilities and staff know-how are also constantly up-dated, so it can continually guarantee the safety and high quality of its products to its clients.

Innovation – one of the key aspects of TRE I’s operational philosophy – has lead to the registration of technologies, brands and products which are remarkable for the special attention paid to safeguarding animal health and the respect dedicated both to the environment and their users.

TRE I has also developed and patented technologies for dust reduction in formulations of veterinary medicines, during the production of medicated premixes, in particular. Contamination is consequently reduced and cleaning plants is easier which results in enhanced working and health conditions for the feedstuff factory staff.

Formulations with high stability in water solutions have also been registered in the field of water-soluble powders.

In 1997, TRE I’s constant attention to research and development lead to the registration of MICROAMOXTM - the first innovatory product to be introduced by TRE I to the veterinary products market. The key feature of this innovation lies in the preparation of a premix for medical food using amoxicillin as the active ingredient in a microencapsulated lipogelled matrix which also protects it.

This particular formulation has bestowed unique physical and chemical features on the active ingredient.

The dust reduction and the consequent “cross contamination” decrease in production plants is just one of the technical advantages obtainable through this particular formulation process, which has been designed and perfected in order to enhance the stability of the active ingredient when it is incorporated in pellettized feedstuffs.

This reduces the risk that thermal stress and the stress due to the pressure exerted on the feedstuffs during pellettization while using these technologies causes a reduction in the quality and activity of the medicine they contain.

The results attained with this technology were of such significance to suggest its use in other important TRE I medicated products for pigs. Besides ensuring stability and low dust emissions, these products also pass through the gastric tract without any significant degeneration and are therefore fully able to exert their antibacterial action in the target tissues once taken with the food thanks to the special formulation process.

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Via Affarosa, 4, 42010
Rio Saliceto (RE) (España)

Coordenadas GPS:
Latitud: 44.8105999 - Longitude: 10.8044093

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Orthophosphoric acid 0,1575 g
Propionic Acid 0,01 g
Acetic Acid 0,25 g
actic Acid 0,1 g
Citric Acid 0,075 g
Formic Acid 0,030 g

The use of organic acids in liquid form like ACIDENE IDRO NEW in poultry and pig produc ...

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TREIVIT AMINOPAN is a ready-to-use solution, easy to administer.

TREIVIT AMINOPAN contains a well balanced mix of vitamins and amino acids to adjust vitamin deficiencies and improve animal growth.

The simultaneous effects of its components induce a metab ...

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TREIDRAMIN L is a well balanced combination of essential amino acids and salts.
TREIDRAMIN L is used for:
-Dehydratation due to fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting and heat;
-Prevention or treatment of amino acids deficiencies in farm animals;
-Prevention of treat ...

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