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Austurhraun 9, 08191
Rubí (España)

With the most complete product range and the largest installed base worldwide, Marel Stork Poultry Processing offers in-line poultry processing solutions for all process steps and all processing capacities. We have dedicated processing systems for broilers, turkeys and ducks.

Always innovative:
For decades, we have supported processors all over the world to find better ways to optimize their processes. It’s our conviction that the best way of doing this is by offering state-of-the–art, innovative technology. That is why we invest much more than the poultry industry average on innovation. To us innovation is more than a trendy word: It’s our passion, part of our DNA.

Vast product range:
Marel Stork systems are modular, can be combined with other equipment and with manual processes. We offer solutions for complete in-line processing up to the highest possible production capacities at the desired automation level.

Optimum reliability, optimum service:
Stork Poultry Processing equipment meets the highest quality standards and is known for its high yields, reliable performance, lowest cost of ownership and well thought-out maintenance concepts. For us, maximizing yield, throughput and uptime are key factors. To back this up, specialized engineers operate from sales and service centers located across the globe. Additionally, a help desk is operational 24 hours a day. We offer several service contracts, including preventive maintenance programs and provide all needed spare parts.

Global presence:
We have an extensive global network of almost 40 sales and service locations and many carefully selected agents. Our dedicated staff knows the local markets and its requirements. Numerous successful projects in all corners of the world confirm we are at home throughout the world.
Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC)
Marel Stork Poultry Processing is member of the Dutch Poultry Centre.

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Austurhraun 9, 08191
Rubí (España)

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Latitud: 41.4971174 - Longitude: 2.0349243

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Eurotier 2016 impression


The Stork AeroScalder: Innovative moisturized hot air scalding

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