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Ctra. CM 4004 Km. 10,5 de Yuncos a Valmojado, 45950

Its activities are structured around several businesses, managed independently through the companies Nanta, S.A., Agrovic Alimentación, S.A. and Alimentación Animal Nanta, S.L. (compound feed), Grupo Sada p.a., S.A. (poultry farming and processing), Inga Food, S.A. (pig production), Trouw Nutrition España, S.A. (feed specialities) and Skretting España, S.A. (fish feed).
Together, the five different business areas of the Nutreco Group in Spain and Portugal comprise 19 companies, with more than 70 work centres, of which 40 correspond to large production plants, a biochemistry, pathology and immunology laboratory, and two R+D+i centres, one of them for animal nutrition (PRC) and the other for human food (FRC). With an annual turnover of more than of 1 billion euros, it is present in all the Spanish Autonomous Communities and employs approximately 4,000 people.
Nutreco España performs delegated functions for its shareholders, and it manages and provides centralised services for its affiliate companies in matters of legal and tax consultancy, management and consolidation, human resources management, R&D, information technology services, financial and treasury management, safety, health and environmental management, external communications and institutional relations.
To reach its current leading position in Spain, in the years immediately following its split from BP Nutrition, Nutreco España implemented a restructuring process consisting of the divestment of non-strategic assets, the simplification of its legal structure, the rationalisation of its businesses and the unification of its corporate image.
In addition, significant investments were accomplished to allow the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in its production processes and the obtaining of quality certificates such as the GMP, ISO 9001, BRC, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 of laboratory certification, SGS certificate of product quality and Safety and Health Systems certificate by the OHSAS 18001.
One of the top priorities throughout this period was to optimise the synergies both among the companies comprising the Group in Spain and Portugal and between them and other Nutreco companies at an international level.
Once this goal was achieved, and in line with its growth strategy, the Nutreco Group in Spain and Portugal carried out a series of important company acquisitions, among which the following stand out: Matadero Herca, Fabrimar (now, Alimentação Animal Nanta), Trouw Nutrition Portugal, Grupo Agrovic Alimentación and, most recently, the assets of Copaga, a Lleida cooperative and the animal nutrition business of Cargill in Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, it constituted the joint ventures Piensos Nanfor and Piensos Nanpro.

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Ctra. CM 4004 Km. 10,5 de Yuncos a Valmojado, 45950

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Latitud: 40.185792 - Longitude: -4.035308


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