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Lange Baan 18B, 8331

Trade-Unlimited B.V. was founded in 1995 by the current owners Era and Hans Snijders. At that time Trade-Unlimited B.V. was situated in Achterveld (the Netherlands). Later, in 1998, the company relocated to a new property in Nieuw-Milligen (the Netherlands). From the beginning, Trade-Unlimited B.V. has played a role in the agricultural sector starting with the sales of pig housing equipment. In 2000, Trade-Unlimited B.V. moved their business from pig housing equipment to the Animal Health sector and started distributing syringes, vaccinators, drenchers and pour-on guns with accessories for an overseas company.
In October 2004 Trade-Unlimited B.V. started to develop its own brand of syringes, vaccinators, drench- and pour-on guns called TU-MasterLine™. After a very intensive period of development and testing the 2 ml bottle mount and tube feed F-grip syringe were launched in October 2005. Early 2006 the smaller dosage syringes and vaccinators were launched. The development continued and this did result into a complete new line animal health syringes, vaccinators, drenchers and pour-on guns called TU-MasterLine™. The greatest feature of the applicators is that they are strong and reusable and do have a much longer life time compared to the disposable syringes, vaccinators, drenchers and pour-on guns. To be even more competitive priced to the disposable applicators in fourth quarter of 2010 Trade-Unlimited B.V. did introduce the TU-BudgetLine™.
Due to the very high quality, easy to maintain and interchangeable parts the TU-MasterLine™ and TU-BudgetLine™ guns distinguish themselves from other brands on the market. Where many other guns are disposable and not serviceable the TU-MasterLine™ and TU-BudgetLine™ guns are serviceable and for long term use! Unique is that the user can easily transfer from tube feed to bottle mount and from vaccinator to drencher.
In a relatively short period of time Trade-Unlimited B.V. has built a brand TU-MasterLine™ and TU-BudgetLine™ with our syringes which stands for high quality at an acceptable price. Acceptance by veterinarians and farmers alike is high because these applicators are ergonomic to use, strong, durable and easy to clean.
This ultimately did result in an innovative range of syringes, vaccinators, drench and pour-on guns onto the market with brand name TU-MasterLine™ and TU-BudgetLine™. Our knowledge and experience gained in the past make it clear that quality, price, fast delivery, and good reliable service are the key factors. These four factors reflect the character of Trade-Unlimited B.V. as a company and must also be recognizable for our customers.

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Lange Baan 18B, 8331

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