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STENOROL® is a 0.6% premix, containing 6g/kg of its active ingredient halofuginone with carrier substance corn cobs. It is a greyish white homogenous mixture. Halofuginone is derived form febrifugine, one of the alkaloids, contained in Dichroine, which is an extract of the plant Dichroa febrifuga. Dichroine has been used for centuries as a treatment for malaria and can be found in the traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia. Thus, although manufactured by chemical synthesis, halofuginone is derived from a natural product, whose antiparasitic activity has been used successfully for hundreds of years. 
STENOROL® is a coccidiostat, which blocks protein sythesis in the parasite.

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Huvepharma es una compañía farmacéutica centrada en el desarrollo , producción y comercialización de productos para la salud animal.
Huvepharma comercializa una amplia gama de coccidiostáticos, antibióticos, enzimas y antiparasitarios.
Huvepharma es el laboratorio titular y fabricante de los registros BSA de Salinomicina Sódica (Sacox 120 microGranuate) , Monensina Sódica (Coxidin 200 microGranulate) y B. de Halofuginona (StenorolÒ) SacoxÒ 120 microGranulate y CoxidinÒ 200 microGranulate se distribuyen en España , Portugal, Brasil, Méjico y Venezuela en exclusiva por Indukern.

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