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Effective control of intestinal and caecal Coccidiosis in broilers
Encapsulated active ingredient for targeted release
Reduces viability of sporozoites to control Coccidiosis

Intestinal health management is essential as it plays an important role in nutrient utilization, pathogen protection and overall immunity. Coccidiosis is a major problem, disrupting intestinal integrity which can lead to severe losses in broiler farming. It also alters the microbial populations in the intestine and leads to the predisposition of Necrotic enteritis (NE). COZANTETM is a highly potent and effective encapsulated anticoccidial solution, effectively targeting the delivery of active ingredient throughout the intestine for better control of both intestinal and caecal Coccidiosis. Currently available in India.

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Kemin combines sound molecular science with the human qualities of creativity, curiosity and collaboration to improve the lives of humans and animals around the world. Using superior science, Kemin manufactures more than 500 specialty ingredients that deliver important nutrition and health benefits through products consumed by people and animals.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life by touching half the people of the world every day with our products and services.

Audacious? Yes. Impossible? A lot of people once thought voices over telephone wires, light without fire, microbes that cure diseases and robots roving Mars were “impossible,” yet they’re all old news today. An audacity of imagination combined with the power of science makes the “impossible” possible every day.

Since our founding in 1961, Kemin has combined the uniquely human with the powerfully scientific to do amazing things. And as commendable as our first 50 years were, we think our best days are yet to c...

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