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Bact-a-cid is a combination of free carboxylic acids and their ammonium salts on a mineral carrier. This combination ensures that the organic acids pass through the stomach to reach the small intestine and hindgut. Bact-a-cid particles become colonised by acidophilic commensal bacteria that release lactic and butyric acids into the gut lumen. This helps protect the animal’s gut from colonisation by enteropathogens such as, E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Clostridium. Bact-a-cid helps to maintain a healthy gut in newly weaned piglets by supplementing natural acid secretions in the gut. In growers and finishers Bact-a-cid reduces E. coli numbers in the small intestine, preventing damage to the villi, which are essential for nutrient absorption. Bact-a-cid helps to maintain a lower gut pH, reducing the antagonistic effect of stress, and so ensuring that performance is maintained right through to slaughter. The use of Bact-a-cid in sow rations reduces the background levels of E. coli, Salmonella etc. in the colon / rectum and so minimises horizontal transmission of pathogens to the suckling piglets via the sows’ faeces. Major benefits: -Bact-a-acid enables the acidification of the entire gut to improve digestion, growth rates and feed efficiency. -Bact-a-acid reduces intestinal disorders resulting from coliform and other enteropathogenic bacteria. -Bact-a-acid reduces the environmental pathogen burden. -Bact-a-acid uses liquid formic acid as the primary acidifier, as recommended by the EU BIOHAZ -Bact-a-acid is safe and easy to use, being non-corrosive to equipment and storage bins. -No resistance, residues or withdrawal time. Usage: Weaners / Growers < 35 kg 3kg/t * Growers / Finishers >35 kg 2kg/t * Gilts and Sows 2-3kg/t ** * Where there is a high Salmonella challenge the inclusion rate should be increased by 1 to 2 kg/t until the problem is brought under control. ** Ideally Bact-a-cid at 2 kg/t should be fed to sows throughout the breeding cycle. Where this is not possible 3 kg/t should be fed from day 100 of gestation and throughout lactation. Packaging: Bact-a-cid is packed in 25kg pre-printed plastic bags.

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Kiotechagil supplies high performance natural feed additives to the aquaculture and agriculture markets. It brings together the expertise of Kiotech and Agil across the three key protein sources of poultry, pig and fish. Kiotechagil has a distribution network in over 50 countries and aims to be the leading player in supplying high performance natural feed additives - enhancing health, growth and sustainability in aquaculture and agriculture.

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