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Zuidelijke Industrieweg 3-7. P.O. Box, 5, 8800

Huhtamaki is the world leader in environmentally friendly moulded fibre and pulp packaging, producing egg packaging, fruit trays and berry boxes, apple and melon trays, wine bottle carriers, can carriers, diary trays and medical disposables. For Huhtamaki's Food Service division cup carriers and the premium Chinet® disposable tableware are manufactured, the latter in a special, proprietary moulding process.  Huhtamaki develops and manufactures various customized three-dimensional protective packaging shapes. Cushioning trays, buffering parts and positioning trays for display presentation are produced for for example the electronics and consumer goods industries. Uhtamaki Molded Fiber Technology supplies Leotech® fibre moulding machines, finishing equipment and process technology that is used to produce moulded fibre products. Egg tray and carton moulds, spare parts and technical and commercial support are part of the services rendered. 

Huhtamaki Paper Recycling collects, processes and recycles recovered paper. This recovered paper trade extends worldwide, from Europe to the Far East and the USA. 

Over 100 years moulded fibre technology

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Zuidelijke Industrieweg 3-7. P.O. Box, 5, 8800

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Latitud: 53.1888206 - Longitude: 5.5564857

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