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€ffect Plus egg carton, a new standard:
The Huhtamaki egg carton range includes several moulded fibre product families to accommodate different marketing needs. The €ffectPlus cartons are the new, high quality and premium cartons, attractive, efficient and sustainable.

€ffect Plus, an appealing egg carton: 
Attractive design, distinctive labelling or high quality printing and different colours provide the €ffect Plus cartons an excellent stand out on the supermarket shelf. They enhance product differentiation, create more appeal and provide an ideal way to increase your egg sales. On top the €ffect Plus carton is designed for efficient processing in automatic packing machines.

€ffectPlus, has improved sustainability:  
€ffectPlusmeets the current requirements for sustainability. Significant efforts were aimed to improve and reduce its environmental footprint. This resulted in an egg carton which is lower in weight and which has an improved stacking efficiency by more then 20%. The last resulted that we can transport 20% more products in one truck!

€ffect Plus offers folllowing benefits:  
-A new premium egg carton     
Attractive design with excellent shelf presentation
-Improved functionality     
Optimized egg protection
-Efficient processing properties     
Patented denesting feature     
Patented closing system
-A sustainable packaging solution     
Lower weight & lower packaging tax     
20% more in one truck

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Huhtamaki is the world leader in environmentally friendly moulded fibre and pulp packaging, producing egg packaging, fruit trays and berry boxes, apple and melon trays, wine bottle carriers, can carriers, diary trays and medical disposables. For Huhtamaki's Food Service division cup carriers and the premium Chinet® disposable tableware are manufactured, the latter in a special, proprietary moulding process.  Huhtamaki develops and manufactures various customized three-dimensional protective packaging shapes. Cushioning trays, buffering parts and positioning trays for display presentation are produced for for example the electronics and consumer goods industries. Uhtamaki Molded Fiber Technology supplies Leotech® fibre moulding machines, finishing equipment and process technology that is used to produce moulded fibre products. Egg tray and carton moulds, spare parts and technical and commercial support are part of the services rendered. 


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