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Many poultry integration have the problem of birds mortality during the times of birds catching and in the processing plant during waiting in the trucks and in the holding area.

For the trucks carrying birds transport crates in the farm or waiting in the processing plant our trubo fan can be used with or without fogging system (this fan can be also mounted in a truck as in the enclosed photo) in the processing plant it can be moved in a wheels to face any part of the truck.

In the holding area you can use our trubo fan hanging or standing with or without fogging system which can be for full
area or mounted to the fans (see the enclosed photos).

Technical specification :

The fan size is 4,2 meter, a smaller size is available on request. It is a variable speed fan from 1-100% so the speed can be adjusted manually or automatically by a climate controller.

The fogging system deliver fine water droplets (10 micron) which quickly evaporate and help to reduce temperature, the system works with high pressure pump of 70 bar, the fogging line is made of stainless steel, the system can like the fan controlled manually or automatically.
Depends on the size of your poultry operation, Agromax can recommend the right system for you.

Technical data:
aluminium/stainless steel construction
fansize:                     ø 4.35m
motorsize:                 1.1 Kw
noise level:                below 50db.
r.p.m.:                       variable frequency drive (28 - 110 r.p.m)
air circulation:            ca. 200.000 m³/h

Larger size fans up to ø 7.3 m available on request. 

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Company profile
History : AgroMax was established in 1995. Its founder started the company after having worked in the international poultry business for more than 20 years. Initially the company limited its activities to the production and marketing of fogging systems for poultry houses. Later it expanded the product range with other poultry housing equipment including feeders and drinkers to offer the complete range of products needed for the efficient keeping of egg and meat type poultry. Business activities now extends to more than 45 countries worldwide.
Being based in the Netherlands, the country famous for its efficient poultry industry, AgroMax quickly learned how to make use of the modern technology in poultry production as well as in doing business. In 2005 the company  successfully launched the idea to market poultry equipment through internet. The success became known outside the Netherlands and initiated the plan to make the internet site accessible...

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