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Reduction of bacteria leads to a cleaner fermentation OptimOH improves alcohol yield by treating and reducing a broad range of bacteria typically found in alcohol fermentations and processes.

Liquid Processing Aid

Effective against all strains of fermentation bacteria, OptimOH provides a viable and effective alternative to the use of antibiotics in the alcohol production process. Benefiting from the well-established pathogen research and development activities at Anitox, and backed by science, OptimOH is a versatile, capable product that eliminates bacteria. No more concerns about resistant strains or residues in any Bioethanol co-products.
OptimOH allows you to take greater control of your fermentation process:
  • higher alcohol yields
  • ability to modify recipes
  • improved performance
  • pH flexibility

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Maximizing your feed investment through Pathogen Control
Optimizing efficiency and mold control for Feed Milling
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Anitox – Solutions for Safer Feed and Food A World Leader in Pathogen Elimination Technology Anitox is an international corporation offering pathogen elimination, mould control and milling efficiency programmes for the feed milling and primary meat, egg and fish production industries. A pioneer in antimicrobial and mould control technology, through our extensive Research and Development emphasis, our new product development is on the leading edge of technology.
Manufacturing and distribution facilities are strategically located across the world. Anitox offers an international network dedicated to providing top quality programmes supported by talented Technical Service, Distribution, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Laboratory Technician and Customer Support Representatives.
Having been acquired by the Riverside Company, Anitox is...

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