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Heavy strain products are ideally suited to portioned, further processed and value-added product markets. 

B.U.T. 6
The European benchmark for efficient meat production. Superior liveweight and liveability makes this breed ideally suited for further processed and value-added products. Developed over many generations, the B.U.T. 6 is the European standard for efficient meat production and competitive breeder performance.

Breeder Information
110.9 eggs @24 weeks cumulative settable eggs per hen
82.8% @24 weeks cumulative hatch
91.8 @24 weeks cumulative poults per hen

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Aviagen Turkeys is the premier supplier of turkey breeding stock worldwide, supporting the world-class brands of B.U.T. and Nicholas. We provide our customers with choice, presenting an extensive product portfolio. Unique among turkey primary breeders, Aviagen Turkeys is a truly global supplier, with pedigree breeding programs in the USA (Aviagen Turkeys, Inc.) and Europe (Aviagen Turkeys, Ltd.).
Multiple breeding programs and production centres provide a more secure, global supply source and the opportunity to maximize product improvement and new product development. Aviagen Turkeys utilizes innovative technologies and maintains diverse genetic lines to enable selection of turkeys that give the best performance in a wide range of environments. Investment and innovation are key to product development, producing the turkeys of the future.

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