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CAROPHYLL® – because color matters
Much of the pleasure we derive from food comes from its visual appearance, so the color of food ingredients is extremely important. We offer products that allow consistent delivery of precisely-pigmented egg yolks, poultry and fish.
Carotenoids play an important role in animal feed. They are vital antioxidants and also vitamin A precursors.
Their most important role in poultry farming and aquaculture however, is their ability to improve the appearance of products such as egg yolks, chicken skin and fish flesh.
Carotenoid levels vary from one plant to another, and unless poultry and fish diets are provided with supplements, the result will be variation in the appearance of food products.
Our CAROPHYLL® range of carotenoid additives allows producers to deliver precisely-colored and pigmented food reliably and consistently. We have combined our quality products, our unique beadlet technology and our many years’ experience to provide a great method for improving product quality and increasing consumer confidence.
Perfect poultry skin – the CAROPHYLL® way
Local poultry markets reflect varying ideals concerning the perfect skin shade. Get closer to perfection in your region while maintaining high standards of safety, consistency and reliability.
As consumers, we all want to buy the healthiest-looking chicken, and color is one of the main factors we consider as indicators of health and freshness. But as a producer, how do you ensure consistently-pigmented poultry skin?
Skin pigmentation is the result of naturally occurring pigments called carotenoids. Their concentration within an organism may vary, but adding supplementary carotenoids means the desired skin shade can be consistently achieved.
CAROPHYLL® Red 10% and CAROPHYLL® Yellow 10% are feed additives for broilers which allow for very precise control over skin pigmentation.
Consistency is achieved by using the DSM broiler fan, a proven and effective measure that ensures the correct amount of CAROPHYLL® products are added so as to deliver the desired skin color in every bird produced.

CAROPHYLL® for perfect yolks
Looks mean a lot, and one way that consumers assess the quality of an egg is by examining the color of its yolk. CAROPHYLL® carotenoids are the proven way to deliver egg yolks that are attractive to the eye.
We all have an opinion on what constitutes the ‘right’ color for an egg yolk. This will vary around the world, depending on geographical location, cultural context and local traditions. It is also influenced by the intended use to which the eggs will be put.
Poultry farmers want to feel confident they are delivering the egg yolk color the market requires, and that they can do this consistently. We help them to do precisely this.
The color of an egg yolk is determined by the concentration of carotenoids within it. By supplementing naturally occurring carotenoids with CAROPHYLL® Red and CAROPHYLL® Yellow, we can deliver exactly the right amounts to produce the desired color in a safe, consistent and reliable manner.
Consistent yolks
Our yolk color fan is the recognized global standard for assessing egg yolk color. The color required is chosen from a range of 15 different shades. The depth of the shade determines how much of each carotenoid is required. Take away the amount in the feed ingredients and the difference is how much CAROPHYLL® Red and CAROPHYLL® Yellow needs to be added. The result is perfect egg yolk color every time.

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DSM Nutritional Products es líder mundial en la fabricación y venta de vitaminas, carotenoides, enzimas y otros productos para la industria de nutrición animal con una amplia variedad de formas comerciales con marca que permiten una eficiente producción de piensos y alimentos. Asimismo, posee una extensa red de 39 fábricas de premezclas a lo largo de 30 países en todo el mundo.
DSM Nutritional Products dispone de la siguiente lista de productos especialmente diseñados para la industria de los piensos:
- Una amplia gama de vitaminas y premezclas, ROVIMIX®
- Vitaminas y sustancias activas con formulaciones específicas, Hy-D® y STAY-C®
- Carotenoides para una pigmentación eficiente, CAROPHYLL®
- Otros productos para la mejora del medio ambiente y la producción animal, VevoVitall® y CYLACTIN®
- Minerales de alta eficacia, MICROGRAN®

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