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Design product in striking colours.
In striking colours and 3 different sizes plus an emotional design this successful pack stands out on the shelf with its strong signal effect. For XL eggs we also supply the colourful imagic® MAX in 2 sizes. Professional labels reinforce the excellent distinguishing characteristics on the market.

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Hartmann develops, produces and sells recyclable moulded-fibre packaging mainly for eggs.
Hartmann is one of the three largest producers of moulded-fibre egg packaging and one of the world’s largest producers of machinery for producing moulded-fibre packaging. Hartmann’s market position can be ascribed to its strong technology know-how and extensive experience of production of moulded fibre since 1936.
Sustainability and environmental considerations are integral elements of Hartmann’s business model and strategy. All of Hartmann’s products are based on recycled paper; a renewable, CO2-neutral and biodegradable resource. Hartmann works closely with its customers to support the need for sustainable products in the retail trade, and the company is the first to offer FSC-certified and CO2-neutral retail packaging.
Hartmann’s egg packaging is sold globally. The group’s principal markets consist of Europe and North America, where Hartmann has strong market positions....

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