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On the last day of the VIV Europe 2014, Diederik Fetter, director of Hotraco Group, was handed the Innovation Award Housing and Farming by the jury for the revolutionary and innovative Fortica touch screen poultry house computer.

Completely different to earlier platforms and existing technologies, Hotraco Agri sets a new standard in design, versatility, computing power and user-friendliness with the Fortica. Based on more than 40 years of experience in the poultry sector and the proven technology of the existing Orion computer, Hotraco Agri has focussed on improving a number of facets to produce an extremely high degree of reliability.

The fully intuitive touch screen operation is revolutionary. It’s design can be customized by the user and is similar to a smartphone or tablet interface. A 3D overview of the housing can be compiled with the aid of clear symbols. All texts can be configured and the computer can be set up in any language - even Chinese. The result is an extremely user-friendly and clear poultry computer which, thanks to a PC application, can also be accessed via the Internet any time and place, thus making it possible for the user to access and retrieve all the information on the housing.

This completely renewed and innovative touch screen poultry computer by Hotraco Agri gives the user complete control over all housing processes such as climate, feed and water, egg flow and animal weighing. The new PC management program enables users to optimize the living conditions of the animals as well as achieve considerable cost savings by reducing energy consumption, feed and labour.

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Hotraco Agri is a globally operating supplier of innovative computerized systems for use in the pig and poultry sectors specialised in creating and maintaining an optimum indoor climate. Hotraco Agri’s main focus is on the development and manufacture of customized computers that regulate, control and monitor the overall animal house system. From climate control and air conditioning, feed and water control, animal weighing, egg counting to fire safety. Over 100 employees serve customers on all continents with innovative and technically advanced systems. The fact that Hotraco Agri has its own R&D and development department means that it is ALWAYS able to deliver customized products and develop problem-specific solutions.

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