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In many countries there is a strong demand for live bird handling systems that are easy to use and maintain, yet are fully automated and efficient. When such a system would also combine the best possible bird quality with a limited investment level and perfect hygiene, this could well be a winning combination. All of this characteristics are found In the Meyn drawer system for live bird handling.

Birds are transported in large, open top crates that are placed in rigid module frames during transport. The module frames are handled by fork lifts, both in the growing house as well as in the processing plant. This way, the manual handling of crates is completely avoided, which benefits both working conditions as well as animal welfare. Throughout the system, module frames and crates are handled in a smooth and careful way, resulting in lower stress levels and improved end product quality.

Automatic weighing of loaded and empty crates, including lot registration
Integrated dust collection system at point of hanging
Advanced crate washing system including presoak phase
Integrated DOA counting and discharging system

Fully capable of capacities up to 12,000 birds per hour
Robust construction, designed for many years of trouble free operation
Gentle bird handling as result of electric drives and rack and pinion mechanisms
Separate washing of module frames and crates resulting in perfect hygiene

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Meyn has been fully dedicated to poultry processing for many years now. Our knowledge, equipment, systems and services are available all over the world. Today we are very proud to be the dedicated business partner of numerous renowned poultry processing companies in over a hundred countries. The world population continues to grow and the level of prosperity in upcoming markets is increasing rapidly. Global demand for animal protein is expected to grow accordingly. More mouths to feed means major market opportunities for your business, but it also brings serious challenges. How can you feed the world responsibly without jeopardizing your competitive edge and business continuity? SOLUTIONS THAT MAKE YOU MORE SUCCESSFUL Working with Meyn means you can rely on intelligent, innovative, customized and sustainable solutions that enable you to meet the challenges of today’s market and tomorrow’s society. Your success is our goal. Every day, all over the world.

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