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Pekin heavy strain: meat production : filet portions of 250 - 300 gr., legs and wings.

Pekin medium strain: whole carcass for roasting.

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The development of the duck- and geese-market started around 1980, at the same time as the consumption in the french households was diversifying.
France is now the first producer of duck meat in Europe and the second producer worldwide :
300 000 tons of ducks (carcass) per year.

ORVIA is the most important supplier of day-old ducklings for meat production and parentstocks for the duck meat and the fat liver production industry in France (20 000 tons of fat liver per year).

Historical background :
The first hatching activity started in 1976 when the company

« COUVOIR DE LA SEIGNEURTIERE » was created. The production and the commercialization of different birds : ducks, chicken, turkeys, and hatching eggs of these animals, was growing steadily.
The first step in the genetic selection of the waterfowl birds started in 1984 with the creation of the genetic center GOURMAUD SELECTION.
In 1990, the aquisition of the hatchery FRANCE CANARD allowed to increase the muscovy production...

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