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SANOVO VAX is a cost-effective, in-ovo injection system developed surrounding three core objectives: prevention, protection and production. Multiple distinct technologies have been combined to ensure improved hatchability, consistently accurate vaccine delivery and reduced risk of contamination in a high production capacity environment. These features, among others, make SANOVO VAX Automatic the most technologically advanced in-ovo vaccination system in the world.
The SANOVO VAX system provides hatcheries of all sizes with advanced in-ovo vaccination technology, designed to improve flock health and increase broiler production.
The advanced In-Ovo System offers some very distinct and relevant features and benefits, especially with the increasing focus on Antibiotic Free (ABF) production in the market. At SANOVO Technology Group, we have high focus on features providing a high level of bio-security, state-of-the-art sanitisation systems and cross-contamination controls, as these are critical factors within the walls of a hatchery.

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Sanovo Technology Group

Sanovo Technology Group
The SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP comprises five innovative companies: Sanovo, Staalkat, Italproject, Process Solutions and Rame-Hart.
The combination of these 5 companies in one global group has allowed us to merge synergies across the board and work with the industries in a united effort to ensure a product range that exceeds what you expect, a performance, you can depend on.
All products pass an extensive test in our facilities before being shipped to customers located in every corner of the world. New products are constantly being developed, and considerable emphasis has always been based on innovation and product functionality. 
Focus on research and development is a key issue allowing us to continue to design and supply total solutions for our customers. Our products meet international requirements and standards, and, as a turnkey supplier, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP offers every aspect of the construction of an egg processing plant – from building design over layouts, engineering...

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